Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Beach

Crystal Clear

The Gulf waters of Clearwater creates a tranquil crystal clear captivating condition. Filled with sugar white sand and an average of 361 days of max sunshine a year. This is paired with a hot mild climate ready for the perfect beachside heaven. The wind blows the palm trees causing them to peaceful sway back and forth. Clearwater’s beaches have seen numerous amounts of awards and praise in almost every category from natural beauty to being the best city beach as well as being avid environmental conservation. Filled with lovely white sand and clear, shallow water make this shoreline a perfect play area for families. However, everybody adores a shoreline this stunning. From the movement along the palm-lined Beach Walk Promenade to the perspectives from Pier 60, you’re certain to locate your ideal spot in the sand on Clearwater Beach.

Florida’s Hidden Treasure

Compared to Miami’s South Beach or California’s Santa Monica Pier, Clearwater does not receive nearly as many visitors. For that reason, many people consider Clearwater “Florida’s hidden treasure”. So, how do you get to Clearwater? The city is serviced by two nearby airports. Tampa International is hailed as America’s favorite, ranking high in convenience and ease of travel. It is located just 19 miles from the beach. The St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport is even closer to the beach (about 11 miles) and with rapidly expanding service, accessible from an ever-increasing number of cities.

Are you a marine animal lover? The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must see! As a non-profit 501 organization, Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s mission is to restore and preserve our marine environment. We accomplish our mission through leadership in education, research, and the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine life.

Last but not least, there’s a famous saying here in Florida, “All roads lead to Disney World.” and it’s true! Clearwater is only 90 miles from Orlando, so if you’re a Disney fanatic and would like to see Mickey himself, this would be the cherry on top to complete your vacation.

Top 3 “Must Do’s” in Clearwater

  1. Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This famous nonprofit aquarium in Clearwater has a strong dedication to the rehabilitation of aquatic life. There is a clear message of environmental education, which is awesome! At the aquarium, you can expect to see such marine life as dolphins, turtles, sharks, and can even stingrays. The emphasis here is also on an interactive experience and you can even feed the stingrays or pelicans that live at the aquarium. There are also tours of the marine hospital and all the profits go to the rehabilitation and ultimate release of the aquatic life here.
  2. Pier 60. As you can probably guess, Pier 60 is a fishing pier and some would consider it the landmark of Clearwater. The pier measures an impressive 1,080 feet and comes with a park, bait hours, telescopes, and picturesque viewing pavilions. At the bait house, you can stock up on everything you need for a successful day’s fishing. Then, fish off the end of the pier for local species like spotted trout, snook, snapper, and jacks. The pier is also open and lit at night, so you can even enjoy some night fishing. Sunset is a great time to visit, not least because of the views, but also because of the entertainment options that set up along the pier such as musicians and jugglers.
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  4. Vacation Homes

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